Carrom is a very common game in India. There is an Association in every state in India. There is an All India carrom Federation. There are District and State championships in every State. All India Carrom Federation conducts National Championship every year. All State teams take part in it and affiliated Institutions also take part in it. It is a very prestigious tournament in India. There are Inter school , Inter college and Inter Institution tournaments every year.

On International level there is an International Carrom Federation and Asian Federation. There is a world Cup in every two years and Carrom world championship for every four years apart from International Federation Cup tournament. There are also SAARC and Asian championships

Everyone should play carrom. The game of carrom can assist you to develop qualities like Concentration, Confidence, Observation, Patience, Strategy, teamwork, sharing, fast decision making ability and so forth. All these qualities cannot be built up in academic currier. If you perform well in tournaments and get laurels you can get better jobs. There can be a total personal development.

For every sport you need to take coaching. Coaching accelerates the time of learning. If your basics are perfect you can perform well. What I have observed in my two and half decades of National and International coaching is that even a player Is playing for a long duration is sometimes does not know the basics of the game. Many have misconceptions.

The simple reason why you should take this coaching is you are playing carrom with your own experience and observations. But here I give you the way of playing carrom most scientifically, systematically and mathematically, which will help you to play easily. These are my years of research, which you will get knowledge of carrom and learn perfectly and principally.

In this course with the help of close ups and slow motions you will have no difficulty to understand the game in better way.