EDUCATION - (Hons.) Chemistry Main Physics (Subsidiary) from Bombay University

I am born and brought up in a middle class family with a culture of high values and ethics. My father was a head master in a municipal school at Kurla, Mumbai. I am one of the 9 siblings with 6 sisters and 2 brothers. Three of my sisters followed my father's footsteps and made teaching their full time profession. Since teaching was in the blood and in the family, I became a natural teacher that too in the subject which is very close to my heart, Carrom! Unlike the normal teaching profession, I don't have to refer to any books to teach my students. My experience is my reference book and the various ups and downs I have been through are the lessons. And most importantly, all the fellow players and all my students are my teachers since I have learnt all I have, either while playing against the fellow players or while understanding the issues faced by my students and brainstorming on the resolution of the issues.

As far as carrom in family is concerned, apart from me, my younger sister Late Smt. Shaila Adhikari played carrom. She has made me proud by winning the National Championship twice. As far as I am concerned, I have spent almost equal amount of time as a player as well as, as a coach. On a combined basis, I have spent around 58 years in the field of carrom. First 33 years as a leading player of India and the balance 25 years as a coach. I have thoroughly enjoyed both the phases of my carrom life. While I have learnt a lot during my phase as a player, I have learnt even more while teaching my students. Therefore, I honestly feel that if I had an option to re-enter the first phase as a player now, I would have emerged as a much better player. Unfortunately, such an option isn't available now! Nevertheless, with utmost conviction, I can today claim that, if I am able to share my knowledge and experience in the game, irrespective of the level of my student in the game as of now, he will certainly grow as a better and better player in the years to come.

By being the coach of the Indian Carrom Team for over two decades, I am blessed to have an opportunity to coach almost all the National, International and World Champions of the game till date. I have been with them in their good and bad times due to which I have been able to closely observe what they go through at such times.

Apart from Carrom, I have been observing various champions of other games as well as I have done enormous amount of reading to understand Champion's psychology. To my mind, Champion remains the same irrespective of the game he plays. There is lot of commonality among all the Champions of different games in terms of their body language, their commitment, their focus, their passion for the game, etc. I have dealt with all these aspects very closely while being with my students and that's the reason I have been able to spot the talent early on, in their careers as Carrom Players.

In the above context, my wife coined with the idea of an Online Training Programme for Carrom which I immediately took up with a noble objective of reaching maximum carrom players across the globe which will add value to the game by providing more and more Champions!

I have more than 25 years' experience in coaching. I got an opportunity of coaching almost all International champions of India. I know this game better now than I was a player because when I started coaching I studied the game from all angles. Due to this I could write four books on carrom including one for coaching. I have read lots of coaching books from other disciplines and much more books which helped me to know psychology of my players and I could do the magic of counseling my Indian players in their difficult time and motivated them to win.


Retired Bank officer, COACHING CARROM

  1. Started playing in State and National tournaments in 1958. First tournament was senior Nationals at the age of 14 years.
  2. Made white slam, the only slam made in singles in the tournament.
  3. Entered in finals of Maharashtra State Championship in 1959.(maiden)
  4. Won seven times Maharashtra State Championship in singles (Record 1965, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1975 and 1976)
  5. Won five times Maharashtra State Championship in doubles (Record )
  6. Made two hat tricks in Kurla Sports Club open tournaments ( Record )
  7. Won many open tournaments.
  8. Won National Championship in singles, doubles, mixed doubles and veteran singles. (Record of winning National Championship in four events) Singles-1969, Doubles-1970, Mixed doubles-1972, Veteran singles-1993.
  9. Won five test matches against SRILANKA representing India as a captain of Indian team - 1972.

Chairman - International Coaches Commission.

Chairman - Coaching Commission, All India Carrom Federation.

Vice President - Maharashtra State Carrom Association.

Secretary - Carrom Players' Association.

Convener - Banks' Sports Board.

Member - Selection Committee All India Carrom Federation.

  1. Carrom Tantra aani Mantra in Marathi. Published by Majestic Publication.
  2. Carrom Skills and Techniques in English. Published by Majestic Publication.
  3. Players' Guide in English. Published by Majestic Publication.
  4. Coaches' Guide E-Book.


Coaching was given in India for the following tournaments.

1991 - 1ST World Championship held at New Delhi (India)
1996 - US open tournament at North Carolina (USA)
1996 - Indo German Test series at cologne, Dortmund, Berlin (Germany)
1997 - 1st SAARC Championship at Male (Maldives)
1998 - Champions championship at London (UK)
1998 - French open Tournament at Paris (France)
1998 - India SriLanka Test Series.
1999 - 2nd SAARC championship at Male (Maldives)
1999 - Malaysian Open Championship
2000 -3rd SAARC Championship at Male (Maldives)
2000 - Malaysian Open Championship
2000 - 3rd World Championship at New Delhi
2001 - 4th SAARC Championship at Male (Maldives)
2002 - 1st World Cup at London (UK)
2002 - 5th SAARC Championship at Male (Maldives)
2003 - ICF Cup in Cannes (France)
2003 - 6th SAARC Championship at Male (Maldives)
2003 - 2nd US Open Tournament
2004 - 7th SAARC Championship at New Delhi
2005 - Indo German Test Series
2005 - 8th SAARC Championship at Dhaka (Bangladesh)
2006 - 10th SAARC Championship at Colombo (SriLanka)
2006 - 2nd World Cup at New Delhi
2006 - Indo SriLanka Test Series
2007 - 11th SAARC Championship at Nagpur (Nagpur)
2007 - Asian Championship at Raipur (India)
2008 - World Championship at Cannes (France)
2008 – SAARC Championship at Colombo (SriLanka)
2008 – ICF Cup at Colombo (SriLanka)
2009 - SAARC Chapionship MIG ( Mumbai )
2009 – ASIAN Champion MIG ( Mumbai )
2010 – 3rd World Championship ( USA )
2010 – 14th SAARC Championship ( SriLanka )
2010 – Indo SriLanka Test series ( SriLanka )
2011 – 15th SAARC Championship ( Maldives )
2011 – 4th ASIAN Championship ( Maldives )
2011 – ICF Cup ( Malaysia )
2012 – Indo SriLanka Test Series
2012 – 16th SAARC Championship ( Bangladesh )
2012 - 6th World Cup ( SriLanka )
2013 – 17th SAARC Championship ( Kolkata )
2013 - ASIAN Championship ( Kolkata )


1991 - National championship held at Guntur (Andhra Pradesh)


1993, ,1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999


State Championships

Won 7 times Maharashtra Championship in Singles in 1965,1968, 1969,1970, 1971, 1975, 1976. (Record since 1976 till today)

National Championships

1969 - Men's Singles Winner
1969 - Men's Doubles Runners-up
1969 - Interstate Team Championship Winner
1970 - Men's Doubles Winner
1970 - Interstate Team Championship Runners-up
1971 - Interstate Team Championship Runners-up
1972 - Men's Doubles Winner
1972 - Mixed Doubles Winner
1972 - Interstate Team Championship Winner
1975 - Mixed Doubles Runners-up
1975 - Interstate Team Championship Runners-up
1976 - Interstate Team Championship Winner
1983 - Interstate Team Championship Winner
1992 - Veteran Singles Winner
1993 - Men's Doubles 3rd Place

Won Five Test Matches against SriLanka representing India as a captain of Indian Team in 1972. It was 1st Test series.